Our zipline is currently closed until further notice. Our adventure courses and climbing wall are only open on Saturday and Sunday.

We have three aerial adventure courses. All courses feature a short zipline and multiple aerial obstacle elements. The elements differ in number and difficulty. Scroll to decide which is best for you and your group.

Small Adventure Course

  • 5 elements and a short zipline. 
  • For the little ones, 40+ lbs. 

Elements include: 

1) Walk the Plank 

2) Taco Net 

3) Wacky Way 

4) Leaning Rock Wall 

5) Rapid Run (Tube Sled)


Big Adventure Course

  • 11 elements and a short zipline.
  • For adults and for kids who are 70+ lbs.

Elements include: 

1) Cat Walk

2) Stairway to Heaven

3) Spider’s Web

4) Big Feet

5) Monkey Crawl

6) Jazz Combo

7) Time Wooden Tunnel

8) Island Hopping

9) Silver Surfer

10) Painters Plank




Extreme Adventure Course

  • 13 elements that go across the Chattahoochee River and a zipline.
  • For adults and for kids who are 70+ lbs.
  • For those who really want a tough challenge! 

Elements include: 

1) Flea Hop

2) Giant’s Necklace

3) Swinging Stairs

4) Pirate’s Net climb

5) Balance Beam

6) Indiana Jones Bridge

7) Bouncy Buoys

8) Zig Zag

9) Stump Step

10) Horizontal Playpen

11) Swinging Ladders

12) Tension Traverse

13) Ring Swing

Several elements are suspended over the river.